TarHeel Reader in Pictello: Now in Spanish and French!

We are excited to announce that Tar Heel Reader is now available for the Spanish and French users of Pictello.
Tar Heel Reader is a great collection of free books on a wide range of topics, founded by the Center for Literacy and Disability Studies. Many schools and families use these books for early literacy teaching.
The stories can be read online, or you can download them as a PDF or PowerPoint. And, now the Spanish and French speakers can also read and enhance them with Pictello!
Tar Heel Reader and Pictello
Some of the benefits of using Pictello to read your Tar Heel Reader stories are:
  • Have access to the stories offline
  • Add videos to the stories
  • Use a wide selection of high-quality Text to Speech voices for reading
  • Add more text to your stories than the current option of one line
  • Edit books from a large already existing library for class projects, literacy learning and academics
  • Have access to accessibility features: autoplay stories, use slideshow or switch modes
So how does it work? It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s free! No need to update your Pictello. Simply go to our Tar Heel Reader Story Converter and follow the steps.
Enjoy your stories!

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