Does Proloquo2Go automatically save backups outside of the app?

Proloquo2Go creates an automatic internal backup of each user every day that it is in use. In Proloquo2Go 4.x and earlier, these backups are only stored inside the app. If the app is deleted, they will be lost.

In Proloquo2Go 5, we have added an option to automatically save a backup of each Proloquo2Go user to iCloud. This setting is enabled by default. Please note that only the most recent backup of each user is kept in iCloud. 

You can also set up Proloquo2Go to upload automatic internal backups to Dropbox or Google Drive in Proloquo2Go 5.1. To avoid filling up your account, only the three most recent automatic backups per user per device will be kept in your Dropbox or Google Drive account at any one time. If you make major customizations, we strongly encourage you to manually export and save a backup to Dropbox or Google Drive or to your computer using iTunes File Sharing or Connect to Computer (WiFi). For instructions, please see How can I backup, transfer, and/or restore my vocabulary?


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