Why should I use Crescendo™ and not an older vocabulary?

In general, Crescendo™ provides much better support for language development and growth of communication skills than the vocabularies included in earlier versions of Proloquo2Go.

Proloquo2Go 3 offered two vocabularies: Basic Communication and Core Word. However, it was difficult to choose between the two vocabularies. Users often became stuck in Basic Communication when they were ready for Core Word because Core Word looked too complex. The difference between Basic Communication and Core Word was simply too big. Additionally, if you wanted to progress from Basic Communication to Core Word, you needed to create a new user and re-customize it - either by adding new buttons or by copying and pasting your customized buttons from the old vocabulary to the new one. Of course, this is very time-consuming, which could postpone the transition to a higher vocabulary level and in the end limit the user and delay growth of language skills.

The research-based Crescendo vocabulary included in Proloquo2Go 4 and 5 offers three levels: Basic Communication, Intermediate Core and Advanced Core. To make sure the user's language skills grow and the user doesn't become stuck at a specific vocabulary level, you can quickly switch between levels within the same vocabulary. You can do the same for individual pages, enabling you to customize each folder to the user's abilities. Aside from making sure the user expands skills, it also saves the person who customizes the vocabulary lots of time!

Crescendo also includes templates that keep core words on a consistent place throughout the vocabulary. This takes advantage of one of the ways we learn how to do things - motor planning. We have used these templates for existing folders, but you can also use these (activity) templates when creating new ones.

The 23 pre-designed grid sizes also support language development. You can easily pick the grid size that matches the user's skills, and later transition to another grid size as the user's skills develop, without losing customized buttons and folders.

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