How can I access a QWERTY keyboard in Proloquo2Go?

Proloquo2Go includes two keyboards, the Grid Keyboard and Typing View. 

The Grid Keyboard is a folder of buttons arranged alphabetically. The size of the buttons is the same as the other folders so users with fine motor or visual issues can easily access it. The Grid Keyboard also works with our built-in scanning. It is intended for beginning typists, hence the ABC layout. However, you can also change the order of the buttons and make it into a QWERTY layout. You cannot add Prediction buttons to this Grid Keyboard. You can access this keyboard by tapping the Keyboard button on the bottom toolbar.

The Typing View keyboard uses the standard iOS keyboard. You cannot change the keyboard configuration, but you can customize other features. If there are no major access issues, we recommend using Typing View as soon as possible because it provides word prediction and any skill learned there can be used in other apps too. In Proloquo2Go 5, you can access this keyboard from the Tools popup (grid of squares) in the bottom toolbar. In earlier versions of Proloquo2Go, you can access this keyboard by tapping the Views button (two overlapping squares) in the bottom toolbar.

If you decide you want to use the Typing View keyboard, you may want to change the Keyboard button on the bottom toolbar to open Typing View instead of the Grid Keyboard folder:

  1. Open Options View (the gear).
  2. Tap Interaction.
  3. Tap Keyboard and select Typing View.

If the user needs accessibility support, you could also consider purchasing one of our keyboards. For example, Keeble provides the same accessibility features as the Grid Keyboard, and adds the benefit of getting used to a standard keyboard and the ability to use it in all apps.

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