Why is this material similar to other core word materials I've seen?

The ideas of focusing on core words and teaching them using modeling, as well as techniques such as core words of the week have a long history in AAC implementation, and currently are increasing in popularity. There are many different programs and websites with similar approaches to teaching core words. We certainly don't claim to have originated these approaches, or to be the only place where such approaches are available. Some organizations that have created core word teaching materials include but are not limited to:

  • AAC Language Lab (Prentke-Romich) aaclanguagelab.com 
  • Core Vocabulary Classroom Kit and Pixon Project Kit (Gail Van Tatenhove) www.vantatenhove.com 
  • Project Core (Dynamic Learning Maps / Center for Literacy and Disability Studies) www.project-core.com 
  • Angelman Syndrome Foundation Communication Training Series (Sheldon, Musselwhite, Nevers, and Bertram) www.angelman.org/resources-education/communication-training-series/schedule-recordings/ 
  • TELL-ME curriculum (Zangari and Wise, in press)
  • Various materials on Teachers Pay Teachers (Susan Berkowitz, Jenna Rayburn, Kate Ahern and others)
  • Many school districts in the US, including but definitely not limited to: Oakland (MI), Barrington (IL), Franklin Park (IL), El Cajon (CA), and El Paso (TX).

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