Can I start with a grid size smaller than 3x3?

Proloquo2Go's Crescendo™ vocabulary was created to promote language development and grow communication skills. This vocabulary was based on research, best practices, and testing, with optimized grid sizes that display the most important core words at each grid size.

The smallest optimized grid size available in Crescendo is 3x3. It is possible to define your own grid size. However, before you do that, it's worth thinking about the reasons you want to start with a small grid size.

What we generally recommend is to start with an Intermediate Core vocabulary, with a grid size large enough to fit many words, but small enough that the user can still see and touch the buttons. For more information, see Choosing a Grid Size. If you want to know more about the reasoning behind this approach, check out What is "Beginning AAC?", from AAC expert Jane Farrall. If you are concerned that the number of buttons will be overwhelming, you can hide some of them. The benefit of this approach is that the buttons that the user has already learned will not move around. He or she will only have to learn the locations of the new buttons.

The Progressive Language feature introduced in Proloquo2Go 5 enables you to efficiently hide and then gradually reveal core words in a developmental sequence. You can learn more about using this feature at the following links:

If you are running Proloquo2Go on an older device that cannot update to Proloquo2Go 5, you can still hide buttons and then reveal them later. The Progressing through Crescendo's Core Words chapter of the Proloquo2Go 4 manual has more information about how you can do this.

If you are concerned about the user's vision, you may also want to check out our e-Learning video on Customizing for Vision. There are some options that may make it possible to use a larger grid size. If you are concerned about motor skills, you may want to look into the Select on Release access method, which can work well for some users who have difficulty isolating a finger to point.

Finally, if you do decide that a smaller grid size is necessary, you can set your own grid size in Options View (the gear button). Go to Appearance > Default Grid Size, then choose Other Grid Size at the bottom of the list. Set the number of rows and columns. Finally, tap Done in the top right corner of Options View.

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