Why won't Proloquo2Go scroll?

There are a few different settings that can prevent scrolling in Proloquo2Go.

If either Select on Release or Scanning are set as an access method, Proloquo2Go will not scroll. To check these settings, go to the Options View (gear button). Under Access Method, make sure that both Select on Release and Scanning are toggled to OFF.

If you see Page Up/Down buttons, you can use these to navigate to contents that do not fit on the current page. When Select on Release is enabled, these paging buttons are necessary in order to access folder contents that do not fit on a single screen.  However, even when Select on Release is not enabled, the presence of paging buttons will automatically disable scrolling. To add or remove paging buttons, go to Options > Interaction, and toggle Show Paging Buttons to the desired setting.

If you have any questions, please email us at support@assistiveware.com for further assistance.

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