What is Gateway and how is it different from Crescendo?

Gateway to Language & Learning© is a popular core word vocabulary first developed in 1997 by Joan Bruno, Ph.D., CCC-SLP. Gateway has five vocabulary levels, each targeting a different set of communication needs and abilities. Gateway differs somewhat from Proloquo2Go's built-in Crescendo™ core word vocabulary in its approach to vocabulary organization and navigation. In general, Crescendo focuses on providing flexibility and promoting language exploration, while Gateway focuses on efficiency of communication. Specific differences are discussed below:


In Crescendo, the home folder of the Intermediate and Advanced Core levels is made up of core words, with a handful of links to fringe folders. Additionally, grid-size optimized templates provide quick access to the most important core words from within fringe folders. These templates keep the position of these words consistent between the home and fringe folders in order to promote motor learning.

To encourage learning through exploration, Crescendo's fringe folders provide access to thousands of words, with even more already categorized words available in the Storage level of each pre-programmed folder. The unique VocaPriority™ system makes customization of fringe pages a breeze and minimizes the need to delete or create buttons.

Additionally, Crescendo provides full support for Spanish, French and bilingual English-Spanish and English-French vocabularies, while Gateway only supports English. As additional languages and features are added to Proloquo2Go, they will be integrated into Crescendo. However, we cannot promise this for a third-party vocabulary such as Gateway.


In Gateway, the home folder consists primarily of core words. Semantic Power Strips provide access to a quick popup with related words in the same grammatical category (e.g. "see" triggers a popup containing the words "find," "look," "see," "show," and "watch"). Core words are rarely present inside of fringe folders.

One of the ways that Gateway maintains efficiency is by limiting the amount of pre-programmed fringe vocabulary. Gateway makes much less use of Proloquo2Go's VocaPriority system than Crescendo, and pre-programmed vocabulary is limited to what fits on a single screen.

Gateway relies heavily on automatic navigation. The user is automatically returned to the home folder after making a selection from a fringe folder. Additionally, in the Child Functional, Teen/Adult Functional, and Developing Language vocabulary levels, Gateway uses Sentence Development Links. These are folders which enter a verb into the Message Window, then automatically take the user to a folder containing possible objects of the verb.

In the Advanced Communicator and Text vocabulary levels, a set of automatic grammar tools not available in Crescendo is included, called Dynamic Morphology. This feature attempts to predict inflections of words based on the last button selected. Do note that because Dynamic Morphology relies on complex programming, it is recommended that edits to the home folder be kept to a minimum in those vocabulary levels that use it.


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