How can I share vocabulary between home and school?

There is great benefit for users to have access to the same vocabulary in all environments. For this reason, we suggest coordination between home and school to keep both devices synced.

First, you will need to determine which vocabulary will be the one used on both devices. Then you can keep both synced. For example, if the vocabulary currently being used in school is going to be the one vocabulary shared on both the school and home device, begin by saving and then transferring a backup of the school vocabulary to the home device. For instructions, see How can I backup, transfer and/or restore my vocabulary?

Then, when updates are made to one device, you can transfer the individual buttons and folders. Here is a link with instructions on sharing between devices: How can I copy buttons and folders between devices?

You may decide that it is important to keep some of the vocabulary that is on the home device and integrate it into the school vocabulary. In this case, the process is a little different but still manageable.

  1. Transfer the home vocabulary to the school device or transfer the school vocabulary to the home device.
  2. Then using copy/paste, move the buttons into what is going to be the 'new' vocabulary.
  3. Save the vocabulary backup after all the desired vocabulary has been added.
  4. Transfer the vocabulary backup to the other device and restore it.


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