How does grammar support work when scanning?

Proloquo2Go's grammar support provides access to the full range of inflections for verbs, pronouns, adjectives, and nouns. When you tap and hold a button with a supported word kind, a popup will appear that provides access to inflections. For people who access Proloquo2Go through scanning, this action is not possible. So that everyone can access the grammar support popups, when scanning is set as the access method, Proloquo2Go will automatically open them when a supported word is selected.

The inflection popup for all word kinds except for verbs should be relatively straightforward to navigate. The popup is only one set of choices. One of those choices will be the word on the button that triggered the popup.

The verb inflection popups are more complex, because more verb inflections are available. In order to know what choices to present, Proloquo2Go needs to know what person and number you want to inflect with. For example, when you say "I go", you're using the first person singular. When you say "they went", you're using the third person plural. In order to figure out what inflections to show you, when you inflect a verb, Proloquo2Go first asks you what person and number you want. It does that by showing a small grid with the pronoun choices. On this grid it also shows some forms of the verb. These forms are the same no matter what person and number you choose - things like "to be", "being", "been", etc. In order to see other inflections, you will need to choose a pronoun in this first grid. Once you do, you'll see the rest of the verb's inflections.

If you put a pronoun in the message window immediately before you trigger a verb inflection popup, Proloquo2Go knows already which person and number you need. It will show the grid that allows you to choose the time of your inflection - present, past, or future, along with the simple present, simple past, and simple future. 

If the grammar support popups are overwhelming, or slow down communication too much, you have a few options:

  • Select a pronoun before you select a verb. The verb popup will still appear, but it will show the grid that is most likely to have the word you want, reducing the number of steps.
  • Turn off grammar support for specific word kinds. To do this, go to Options > Grammar, and toggle the word kinds that you do not want to OFF.
  • Turn off grammar support for specific inflections. To do this, go to Options > Grammar. Under each Word Kind, there is an Advanced Options menu. You can use this to disable specific inflections. For verbs, you can also hide the Past, Present, and Future folders.
  • Turn off grammar support for specific words. This can be useful if there are nouns that you only use in one form. To do this, you will need to go to Options > Editing, and enable Advanced EditingThen enter Edit Mode and select the word whose inflections you want to disable. In the list of button properties, tap Inflect and select Off.
  • Turn off grammar support for all words. This means you won't be able to use Proloquo2Go's features to inflect verbs, nouns, pronouns, and adjectives, but you won't get popups appearing when you select words of these types. To do this, go to Options > Grammar, and turn off the switch labeled Grammar Support.

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