How can I share or copy the contents of the Message Window?

In Proloquo2Go, it is possible to share the contents of the Message Window to iMessage, Mail, and Twitter. This allows people who need symbols to write to send text messages, emails, and even post on social media to family and friends. You can also copy the contents of the Message Window, then paste them into any other app. Note that when you share or copy the contents of the Message Window, only the text exports and not the symbols. Additionally, if you are using Typing View, you will first need to send your text up to the Message Window. To do this, type your message, then tap Insert

If you are running Proloquo2Go 5, you can share to specific services like Mail and Twitter using the Actions button (box with an up arrow) in the top toolbar. Tap the specific service you want, then enter the information needed depending on your choice. To copy the text from the Message Window, you will need to open the Tools popup (grid of squares) located in the bottom toolbar. Then, tap Copy.

In Proloquo2Go 3 and 4, you use the Actions button in the top toolbar both to share to specific services and copy the Message Window text.

Mail, Message, Twitter, & Facebook will only be available if these services are configured in the Settings app on your device's home screen. Currently, Facebook does not support other apps accessing the Facebook app. If you would like to post to Facebook from Proloquo2Go, you will need to delete the Facebook app. The device will then launch Facebook in Safari when you share to Facebook via Proloquo2Go. Finally, to send SMS messages to non-iOS devices, you need an iPhone with cell service. The Message app will then, depending on recipient, use iMessage service or regular texting service.

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