How can I tell whether I am using a Crescendo™ vocabulary?

Conversion to Crescendo™ is not automatic upon updating to Proloquo2Go 4 or later. If a user was first created in Proloquo2Go 3.x or earlier, it will keep the same vocabulary as it had before.

To check whether a user has a Crescendo vocabulary, go to Options (gear button) > Vocabulary. If the user has a Crescendo vocabulary, you will see a Vocabulary Level field with one of the following three options: Basic Communication, Intermediate Core, or Advanced Core. If you do not see one of these listed, we strongly encourage transitioning to a Crescendo vocabulary, in order to better provide full support for language development and support the AAC user as his or her skills grow. Please follow the instructions below to do so:

  1. Make sure to back up the existing vocabulary and store it somewhere safe outside of the app to be 100% sure you don't lose any customizations. For instructions on how to do so, please see How can I backup, transfer and/or restore my vocabulary?
  2. Create a new user in Proloquo2Go by going to Options (gear button) > User > Add User. Make sure to pick a different username. Follow the prompts provided.
  3. Select the appropriate vocabulary level and grid size.
  4. Selectively copy from the older vocabulary into the new vocabulary.
  5. Make sure you do not copy entire pre-programmed folders: Crescendo has the same folders already. For example, if you want the "People" folder to be exactly the same in the old vocabulary as the new, simply copy your added (customized) buttons, switch to the new user, navigate to the "People" folder and paste these buttons into the new folder.

For more information about Crescendo and the new features in Proloquo2Go 5, we recommend watching our e-Learning Video, Introduction to the Crescendo Vocabulary for Proloquo2Go 5.


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