Does Proloquo2Go offer data collection?

The Recent View in Proloquo2Go is a feature for quickly accessing previously spoken vocabulary and was not designed as a data collection tool. For a message to appear in the Recent View, it must be 'spoken' by either tapping the Message Window or the Speak button in Typing View. Individual button presses are not stored in the Recent View.

We are exploring the feasibility of adding a data collection feature to a future version of Proloquo2Go that collects meaningful data and considers confidentiality issues.

Data collection is an objective measurement. We understand that data collection is important to determine current performance, progress, and whether or not instruction is working. However, with the increased use of aided language strategies, simply looking at what buttons were activated at what time does not distinguish who is activating the buttons, the AAC user or the person modeling for the AAC user. Also, many Proloquo2Go users include gestures, manual sign and vocalizations along with the app.

Oftentimes, parents are looking for evidence that their son or daughter is using their AAC system at school. If the Proloquo2Go user is actively using the Message Window or the Typing View, the Recent View can serve this purpose to some degree. We encourage families to share the importance of data collection with the school team and agree on a strategy to collect measurable and meaningful data. PrAACtical AAC has suggestions for data collection you can discuss with the school staff.

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