What resources and materials do you offer for learning about Proloquo4Text?

To support the needs of our user community, we offer an expanding collection of free resources and support materials, including e-Learning videostutorialsFacebook Groups, and Resource Centers, to help users, families, and professionals get the most out of Proloquo4Text: 


For thorough Proloquo4Text instructions, we offer a comprehensive User Manual (available in 9 languages).

e-Learning Videos

Our recorded e-Learning videos are informative demonstration videos on a variety of topics designed to teach you all about Proloquo4Text.


Our short, step-by-step PDF tutorials offer helpful walkthroughs for modifying the pronunciation of words, and creating backups with Dropbox or iTunes.


Because every question has an answer, we provide an expanding library of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Proloquo4Text with concise answers. More often than not, an answer to your question is at your fingertips in our FAQs.

Resource Centers 

To serve individuals looking to trial or receive a loan or an evaluation that includes Proloquo4Text as an option, we offer a growing list of Resource Centers, comprised of independent practices, clinics, and organizations. Often these centers can be a good first step in determining whether Proloquo4Text is an appropriate solution for an individual. Many resource centers may also be able to help you optimize Proloquo4Text for your specific communication needs.\


You can search our list of trainers and presenters. Some trainers and presenters may charge for their services.

Join the Community 

To allow individuals to share and connect, we offer a variety of venues where folks can interact with others and get assistance. Our Facebook groups for Adult Users, Family Members, Professionals, and Pictello Users Group provide a place for support and information sharing. Our AssistiveWare Forum offers AAC and AT users, family-members and professionals a place where they can talk, discuss experiences, post questions, share tips and get to know each other. Members of both venues are able to directly connect with the developers of our apps and the AssistiveWare Support team. You can also connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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