How can I add a new user?

It is easy to add a new user in Proloquo4Text. Adding a new user is helpful on devices in shared environments, such as hospitals and clinics, where each user can have their own Phrases, Quick Talk, History, and Word and Sentence Prediction libraries separate from other users. 

To create a new user, do the following:

  1. Launch Proloquo4Text and open Options:

    To open Options:
    • On iPad tap the Options button (the gear) above the Text Pad.
    • On iPhone/ iPod touch tap Options in the bottom toolbar.
  2. Tap User.
  3. Tap New User
  4. Enter a name in the User Name, and then tap Next
  5. Select a voice for each language/ keyboard that you have configured on your device, and then tap Next after each choice.  
  6. When finished, tap Go to New User.

In addition, be sure to check out chapter 8. Options - Creating a new user of the Proloquo2Go manual.

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