What is the difference between Proloquo4Text and Proloquo2Go?

While literate individuals and individuals benefiting from symbol support can use Proloquo2Go for speaking, Proloquo4Text is intended and optimized for literate individuals (usually defined as those with at least a 3rd grade level of reading and writing) as it is entirely text-based and utilizes typing with advanced multi-word and sentence prediction.

Individuals with lower literacy skills will likely be better served by Proloquo2Go with its built-in vocabularies and symbol-supported communication. In addition, as Proloquo4Text does not include the different direct selection options found in Proloquo2Go, such as setting a Hold Duration on screen elements, currently the software requires good fine motor skills for individuals who are able to touch the screen.  

However, for individuals who require switch scanning access, Proloquo4Text is compatible with and optimized for iOS 7 Switch Control.

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