What is the difference between Proloquo4Text and Proloquo2Go?

We have two communication apps for iOS: Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text.

We designed Proloquo2Go for people who are developing language. Proloquo2Go includes symbol support, so it is accessible to people who are still learning to read and write. Literate people who benefit from symbol support can also use Proloquo2Go. However, it is not designed with primarily text-based communication in mind.

For literate people who don't need symbol support, Proloquo4Text may be a better fit. Proloquo4Text is entirely text-based. In general, we expect Proloquo4Text to be most useful for people with at least a third grade reading and writing level. Communication combines typing and choosing from a customizable set of stored messages. To increase typing efficiency, Proloquo4Text includes advanced multi-word and sentence prediction. If you want to speak a message later, you can save it. You can even prepare whole speeches this way. Proloquo4Text supports 18 languages.

For people who can't say everything they need to by writing, Proloquo2Go is likely a better fit. In addition to symbol support, Proloquo2Go includes a built-in vocabulary designed to support language development. Currently, Proloquo2Go’s Crescendo vocabulary is available in four languages: English, Spanish, French, and Dutch. You can create a bilingual user and easily switch between languages.

Some people don't need scanning, but have trouble accurately tapping the screen. Proloquo2Go has settings to help with this. You can set a hold duration or enable Select on Release to ignore multiple fingers on the screen. Proloquo4Text does not include these as app settings. However, iOS 10 and 11 have Touch Accommodations in the Accessibility section of the Settings app. These work in all apps, including Proloquo4Text. You can try these settings out in any other app before buying Proloquo4Text.

For people who need switch scanning access, both Proloquo4Text and Proloquo2Go work well with iOS Switch Control.

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