How can I set up Switch Control for one switch scanning using the screen as a switch?

Below are instructions for setting up Switch Control for one switch Automatic Scanning using your device's screen as a switch. (Note: Two switch Step Scanning is currently not supported when using the screen as a switch as you cannot define two parts of the screen as individual switches.) These instructions are provided for informational purposes only. If you have questions about Switch Control, please contact Apple Support as they are best equipped to answer questions related to Apple hardware and iOS features. For a guide to Switch Control in iOS 10, please see AbleNet's comprehensive resource, iOS 10 Accessibility: Switch Control - The Missing User Guide.

Setting Up Switch Control for One Switch Scanning using the Screen as a Switch:  

  1. Go to the Settings app on your device's home screen.
  2. Tap General.
  3. Tap Accessibility.
  4. Scroll down to the "Physical & Motor" or "Interaction" section, and then tap Switch Control. 
  5. Tap Switches.
  6. Under the "Switches" section, tap Add New Switch....
  7. Under the "Source" section, tap Screen.
  8. Tap Full Screen.
  9. Under the "Scanner" section, tap Select Item to choose an action for your switch, and then tap Switch Control to return to the main Switch Control menu.
  10. Toggle the Auto Scanning switch to "green".
  11. Configure any of the following options:
    • Timing
      • Auto Scanning Time - Tap the minus/plus buttons to adjust the speed that the scan moves between selections on the screen.
      • Pause on First Item (Auto Scanning only) - Toggle the Pause on First Item switch to "green" to pause when scan first begins and after each switch selection. Tap the minus/plus buttons to adjust pause time.
      • Loops (Auto Scanning only) - Sets number of times the scan will go through all the items on the screen and repeat when Auto Scanning is enabled. Scan will stop after number of loops has taken place.
      • Auto Tap - Toggle the Auto Tap switch to "green" so a single press of your switch performs a "Tap" function and does not bring up the Scanner Menu. You can then bring up the Scanner Menu by pressing your switch two times within a set period of time. Tap the minus/plus buttons to adjust the period of time to bring up the Scanner Menu. For efficient scanning, it is recommended to enable Auto Tap. 
      • Move Repeat (not applicable for single switch, auto-scanning)
    • Switch Stabilization
      • Hold Duration - Sets whether and how long a switch needs to be held before switch event is recognized. Toggle the Hold Duration switch to "green" to enable this feature. Tap the minus/plus buttons to adjust the hold time. This setting is helpful for those users who may accidentally activate the switch when they don't intend to and for those who need to hold a switch for a longer period of time. (Note: Duration must be less than the Auto Tap time so that a double click event from the switch can be used.) 
      • Ignore Repeat - Toggle the Ignore Repeat switch to "green" to ignore multiple, unintended switch presses. Tap the minus/plus buttons to adjust ignore duration. This setting is helpful for users who may accidentally activate a switch multiple times to make a selection. (Note: Duration must be less than Auto Tap time so that a double click event from switch can be used.)
    • Point Scanning
      • Gliding Cursor Speed - Sets the speed at which the gliding cursor moves across the screen. Tap the minus/plus buttons to adjust the speed.
    • Audio
      • Sound Effects - Toggle the Sound Effects switch to "green" to have a clicking sound as items are scanned. This setting is helpful for users who need an auditory cue.
      • Speech - Toggle the Speech switch to "green" to have item labels (if available) read aloud. The Speaking Rate can be adjusted using the slider. This setting is helpful for vision impaired users and those who need an auditory cue.
    • Included Menu Items - Here you can select what options appear in the Scanner Menu. Tap a menu item to add or remove it. The default is "All" and is recommended for switch users who want full access to the device. 
    • Group Items - This setting is enabled by default. Toggle the Group Items switch to "white" to have items on the screen scan individually rather than in groups. For faster navigation, it is recommended to leave this setting enabled (i.e. "green").
    • Visual
      • Large Cursor - Toggle the Large Cursor switch to "green" to make the border that appears around items being scanned wider. A wider border can offer a helpful visual queue by making the scanning cursor more noticeable. 
      • Cursor Color - Color can be set to blue, red, green, yellow or orange.
    • Saved Gestures - Here you can create and save custom gestures. Custom gestures can be selected/activated from within the Scanner Menu.
  12. Toggle the Switch Control switch to "green" to begin scanning. 

    Tap anywhere on the screen to select groups and items within groups on the screen. When you select an item, such as an app or a button, by default the Scanner Menu will appear. You then have to select "Tap" to activate the item. However, if you have Auto Tap enabled, when you select an item the Scanner Menu will not appear and instead a "tap" function will be executed, activating the item. To bring up the Scanner Menu, tap the screen two times. 

    Note: When Switch Control is enabled, you can easily turn it off by quickly pressing your device's Home button three times and then deselecting Switch Control in the menu that appears. 

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