Does News-2-You support switch scanning?

Currently News-2-You does not offer built-in switch scanning through switch interfaces or using the screen as a switch. However, it does work well with iOS Switch Control, though there are few issues, mainly with the Sudoku page. However, we are working with Apple to address these issues. For instructions on setting up Switch Control, see these FAQs. For a guide to Switch Control in iOS 9, please see AbleNet's comprehensive resource, iOS 9 Accessibility: Switch Control - the Missing User Guide.

In addition, most of News-2-You is VoiceOver compatible, meaning it will work with switch interfaces that scan using VoiceOver, such as the Tecla Shield, though there are parts of the app that may not be accessible through VoiceOver switch scanning. Just because an element may be identified to VoiceOver doesn't mean you can access it with a switch. Much of what is accessible depends on what actions (e.g. tap, double-tap, scroll up, scroll down, etc.) are built into a VoiceOver switch interface. 

For example, the "Show Sections" menu cannot be accessed through VoiceOver alone and you have to scroll. There are also issues with dismissing pop-up's as you have to select outside the window, then double-tap to close the pop-up. Similarly, in the Sudoku activities, elements are identified to VoiceOver, but a switch scan user may not be able to navigate to image answers in the pop-up window at the bottom of the screen.

Also be aware that VoiceOver switch interfaces can be limited as they only scan linearly and not by rows/ columns.

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