What are the points to consider when purchasing an app as a gift?

When purchasing an app as a gift, there are important points to keep in mind:

  • When you purchase an app with your personal iTunes account, the app is always tied to your account. For the recipient to download and update the app, they will need the login info for the iTunes account that was used to purchase it. Although you can remove your billing info before you give the login details, this method may only be appropriate for close friends and family members. 
  • If the recipient has their own iTunes account or can set one up, you have two options to provide an app as a gift. Both of these options allow the recipient to be in control of managing and updating the app:
    • You can purchase iTunes gift cards at local stores or iTunes gift certificates online and the recipient can apply them towards purchasing the app. 
    • You can "gift" an app using iTunes' "Gift This App" feature to provide the recipient the app. When gifting, you send the recipient an email with a link that they click on to redeem the app. 

      Unlike gift cards or gift certificates, when you gift an app, the email that is generated can only be used to purchase that particular app. This is the best method to use when providing an app as a charitable gift, as it ensures that your donation will not be used for other purchases, such as music, movies, and other apps.

      Please note that you cannot use an iTunes gift card/ account balance to "gift" an app as Apple only allows gifting through a credit card.

      For more information on iTunes gift options, please this Apple support document

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