How do I restore deleted vocabulary or undo changes that I made?

Proloquo2Go makes automatic internal backups. If vocabulary has been accidentally deleted or you want to undo changes that have been made, you can restore Proloquo2Go to an earlier backup from before the changes were made. To do this, go to Options View (the gear). Tap Backup > Restore from Backup and select a backup from before your vocabulary was deleted or you ran into issues. 

If you do not see any backups listed in Restore from Backup, they may have been deleted. If you are running Proloquo2Go 5 and Automatic iCloud Backup is enabled or you have a Dropbox or Google Drive account linked to your Proloquo2Go user, you may be able to restore from a remote backup. If you are running Proloquo2Go 4.x or earlier, automatic backups are only stored inside the app. If you have been saving backups of your vocabulary outside of the app, you can try importing and restoring one of these. For instructions, see How can I backup, transfer and/or restore my vocabulary?

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