Does Proloquo2Go support iCloud?

If you are running Proloquo2Go 5, you can have Proloquo2Go automatically save the most recent backup of each user's vocabulary to iCloud. This option is enabled by default.

You can check to make sure Automatic iCloud Backup is enabled in the Settings app. To do this, follow the instructions on Page 1 of the following document: Save and Restore Backups using iCloud. (Note that if you see Automatic iCloud Backup in Proloquo2Go's Options > Backup instead, you are running Proloquo2Go 5.0 or 5.0.1. For best performance, we encourage you to update for free to Proloquo2Go 5.1.)

Proloquo2Go makes automatic internal backups every day that the app is in use. When Automatic iCloud Backup is enabled, Proloquo2Go will store the most recent backup from each user on each device in iCloud. You can also create a manual backup and have it sent to iCloud. (Note that this will replace the backup currently in iCloud.) For instructions, see the following links: 

Because iCloud only stores one backup file per user per device, we strongly recommend also saving backups using another service. For instructions, see How can I backup, transfer, and/or restore my vocabulary?

Please note that if you are backing up your device to iCloud, this works differently.  App data is not reliably saved when backing the whole device up to iCloud. To make sure your data is safe, you will need to enable Automatic iCloud Backup or regularly save backups using another method.

If you are using Proloquo2Go 4.x or earlier, iCloud is not a reliable way to store data from Proloquo2Go.

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