How can I mirror Proloquo2Go to a display for presentations?

On iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, you can mirror Proloquo2Go and your entire device to an external display by using any of the following:

You should be able to find these items at an Apple Store or a retailer that sells iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

Most likely your IT department will be able to assist you in setting up your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with a projector or display.

Proloquo2Go includes PresenterTouch™. When an external display is attached and you are in mirroring mode, a small circle will appear wherever your finger(s) touch the screen. Participants of the presentation can now see your touches projected on the external display and do not need to guess what you are tapping.

Note: You can mirror Proloquo2Go and an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch to a SMART Board. However, you cannot interact with the device through a SMART Board. 

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