Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - Grid Sizes

Last week we shared about the cool, new Core Templates for existing fringe folders, but also for the ones you are going to create. Read all about our new Grid Sizes in this Road to Proloquo2Go 4 blog post.
You are all familiar with the square dimensions of our Proloquo2Go vocabularies: x number of columns by x number of rows. This looks great when your device is in portrait orientation. However, many people hold their devices in landscape orientation, and in the “square” dimensions, the symbols can be smaller and harder to see.
In Proloquo2Go 4, we are adding several new grid configurations for our new Dynamic vocabulary that look great in both portrait and landscape. You will be able to for example select a 3x6, 7x11 or 4x8 grid.
4x8 grid in Proloquo2Go 4
Additionally, for more advanced users you will now be able to have a larger number of buttons on the screen - up to 16 x 16 (256 buttons).
And … it’s all much easier. Changing the number of rows and column throughout the app or for a single folder is just a few taps away!
This is not all that’s new in Proloquo2Go 4, so keep an eye out for the next Road to Proloquo2Go blog post!
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"Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - Grid Sizes"

Shelane Nielsen's picture

I love the new core word setups I am seeing in the articles. Keep up the good work!

carol's picture

Thank you for your enthusiasm for Proloquo2Go. It's comments like yours and the knowledge that we are helping those without a voice to have their own voice that motivates us even more. :-)

Amy Knox's picture

Any word on how much longer? My son's usage is really picking up and we need to overhaul some fringe folders, add some words, and move some things around...I'd like to do it soon...but I don't want to do it before the update!

carol's picture


We are still working very hard on Proloquo2Go and do not yet have an estimated release date as of yet. When Proloquo2Go 4.0 is released please know that it will be announced in the Newsletter as well as in the groups. Also, you can follow the Road to Proloquo2Go 4.0 to keep up with the new features that will be added. I know the waiting is hard but the end results will be so worth it. :-)

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