Road to Proloquo2Go 4 - Folder Sharing

Being able to share individual buttons and folders between devices is a frequently requested feature that has been on our wish-list for quite some time.
In Proloquo2Go 3, it is only possible to copy buttons between different users on the same device. In Proloquo2Go 4, you will finally be able to export and import buttons and folders from one device to another.
To export a button or a complete folder, simply select the button(s) or folder(s) and tap on the Import/Export button that will be available in the new edit interface. You can select as many buttons and folder buttons as you like from the current page. When you tap the Export/Import button, you’ll be asked how you want to share the buttons and folders - choose from iTunes File Sharing or Dropbox. It’s as simple as that!
To import buttons and folders that have been exported, tap the Export/Import button and pick where the file containing the exported buttons has been placed - in Dropbox or in iTunes File Sharing. The imported buttons and folders will be placed in the folder where you are currently located.
Export separate folders in Proloquo2Go 4
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