Road to Proloquo2Go 3.0 - Part 3 - Switch Access Comes to Proloquo2Go

Proloquo2Go 3.0 is coming your way! In about one month, this free update will be ready in the App Store. In the Road to Proloquo2Go 3.0 blog posts, we will reveal all the new, cool features one after another.

A history of switch access

Switch access is a very important part of what we do at AssistiveWare. Our Mac OS product SwitchXS™ provides virtually complete access to Mac OS X and all standard Mac applications for people who can only use one or more switches. We brought our switch access experience to the upcoming Proloquo2Go 3.0, which gives switch users access to five different scanning modes and advanced settings to fine-tune scanning behavior to match individual physical needs.

Scanning Mode Number of Switches Screen as switch External switch
Automatic Scanning
Highlight advances automatically. Hit switch when desired item is highlighted.
1 Yes Yes
Automatic Selecting
Highlight advances automatically. If switch is NOT hit while item is highlighted, the item is selected.
1 Yes Yes
Inverse Scanning
Highlight advances automatically while screen is touched. Lift off of screen to select highlighted item.
1 Yes No
Step Scanning
Hit Stepper switch to advance highlight. Hit Picker switch to select highlighted item.
2 Yes Yes
Automatic Step Scanning
Highlight advances automatically while screen is touched. To select highlighted item, lift off of screen and hit Picker switch.
2 Yes No


Proloquo2Go 3.0 will support using the iPad’s screen as one giant switch or use left/right or top/bottom parts of the screen as two switches. Proloquo2Go will also support all popular Bluetooth switch interfaces currently on the market.

Personalized configuration

Here are a few examples of how Proloquo2Go’s scanning can be adjusted to suit your needs:
Let’s say you can easily access your switch but sometimes have trouble moving away from the switch once you have activated it, resulting in unintentional switch activations as you “bounce” on the switch while moving away from it. You can use the Debouncing feature to tell Proloquo2Go to ignore switch hits for a brief time after the switch is activated. 
What if activating a switch is difficult for you, but keeping your hand on the device screen and lifting it up when needed is easy? Use Inverse Scanning mode and keep your hand on the screen until the button you want is highlighted!
Are you just learning the process of scanning, and need to use two switch step scanning to reduce timing demands and make the process less abstract? Proloquo2Go 3.0 has you covered!

We’ve also added convenient features for teachers, therapists, and parents who are assisting beginning scanners, like an on-screen button that can pause, restart, or stop scanning, and the ability to use direct selection and scanning at the same time, so you can more easily model using the device for communication.
Note that not all parts of Proloquo2Go 3 will be accessible for switch users yet. For example, List View, the Typing View and Edit mode will initially not be switch-accessible due to the high complexity of these components. Also note that due to some limitations of the current switch interfaces we are not able to offer all scanning modes and features with external switches that we are able to offer when using the screen as switch(es).
Now for the good news, switch users will have access to the message window as well as to the grammar popups for verb conjugation and noun pluralization.
Read more about Proloquo2Go 3.0 in part 1 and part 2 of this series.

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