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Bob Lincoln
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Proloquo2go tickbox suggestion

Suggestion: Have an option by folder that puts a tick box on each word.

Sometimes we use a folder as a shopping list so we can go round the shop and get the items in the folder. It would be nice to have a box to tick when we have found the item (or perhaps cross if we can’t find it).

We also use a folder for a list of items to do for the day (e.g. a college timetable). The same feature might be used here to show that the activity is finished (or perhaps crossed out if not applicable for that day)

We also have a folder as a reminder of items to be collected to put in the bag for college and the same feature could be useful to tick as items are put in the bag.

We use some folders that are like menus when at a restaurant. These are set up with typical list of foods that might be available. Some places like Burger King might always have the same items available, but we have a generic food list for independent restaurants. It would be good to have a way of marking things that aren’t available. The items should still speak, but just have some visual clue that these are not available right now.

I suggest the box would be in a corner of the word box and toggle between blank, tick and cross when it is pressed.


Joe - AssistiveWare
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Hi Bob,

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the feedback. I have noted your request, but cannot guarantee we will add such a feature. However, we appreciate when folks share their input. :-)


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