Type. Speak. Communicate.

Text-based communication app that gives a voice to literate people who cannot speak.

Features you’ll love

Communicate with ease

Quick Blocks
  • Speak using single screen access to words, phrases and keyboard
  • Reduce typing with self-learning word prediction
  • Type once and say it again with history and sentence prediction
  • Use the Conversations block to easily switch between conversations

Take control

Proloquo4Text on iPad
  • Decide when you speak with play, pause or speak as you type
  • Create and organize frequently used phrases
  • Optimized scanning for iOS Switch Control and VoiceOver

Speak your language

AssistiveWare Proloquo4Text - Download Voices
  • 100+ free natural-sounding voices, 18 languages
  • English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish or Dutch user interface
  • Switch languages on the fly

Customize to fit your needs

Appearance Options

Share your world

  • Send email, messages, and tweets.
  • Write text and copy into other apps
  • Listen to text pasted from other apps

Take your voice anywhere

Proloquo4Text on iPhone
  • Use Proloquo4Text on your iPad, iPhone, iPod touch or Apple Watch
  • Be heard wherever you are
  • Communicate without an Internet connection

Latest major improvements

Easier communication  
Play button Benefit from easy access, especially for users with fine-motor challenges
Fullscreen and flip screen features Show what you have typed to your communication partner, handy for noisy environments
Quick Blocks Hide the Quick Blocks to have a full and unobstructed view of the Text Pad
Improved experience  
Edit Mode and Help interface Experience a streamlined and more intuitive interface
Options Choose from a wider range of colors is now available for background and highlight colors
iPhone navigation Benefit from a navigation more streamlined with the iPad
Apple Watch Now also with Text to Speech to speak your message out loud
iPad Pro Enjoy the iPad Pro's larger screen
Multitasking Use the split view mode with Proloquo4Text and have another app side-by-side on your screen (iOS 9)
Ten new voices Sharon (US English), Claudia (German), Kal & Mia (Swedish), Filip & Freja (Swedish children), Emilie & Elias (Norwegian children) and Elise & Valentin (French children)

Is Proloquo4Text for you?

Proloquo4Text’s unique features make it the premier Augmentative and Alternative Communication solution for literate children, teenagers and adults, including people with autism, cerebral palsy, developmental disabilities, apraxia, ALS/MND, laryngectomy, stroke, or traumatic brain injury.

For users who lose their voice due to ALS, apraxia or other diagnoses, Proloquo4Text supports my-own-voice. This service by Acapela Group allows users to record their own voice, or one of a family member. Read how Peter recorded his voice before losing it to cancer.

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  • Discounts for educational institutions available. See the FAQ

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‘Proloquo4Text is a very powerful app. I especially like how I can have different conversations at the same time without losing any text. The ability to store phrases and the sentence prediction saves me a lot of time.’
Lee Ridley

Lee Ridley (Lost Voice Guy), comedian


‘Once again AssistiveWare has produced an industry leading product that competes with and in many instances outdoes the competition’
Scott Weissman

Scott Weissman, Assistive Technology Professional with IPAT
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