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31 Aug

Jake Edwards is 9 years old, lives in north Wales and has Angelman's syndrome, a genetic disorder that makes it difficult for him to speak. Thanks to the Hearts & Minds Charity, Jake now has an iPad with Proloquo2Go!

06 Aug

Today we add a new female adult Text to Speech voice to the German voice famliy - Claudia. In addition, Infovox iVox 4.2 offers quality improvements to all voices.

01 Aug

Buying new books, apps and other school supplies can really add up at the beginning of the new school year. To make sure your kids enter the classroom with all the “write” tools they need to succeed, we offer a discount to all our writing apps.

28 Jul

The Americans with Disabilities Act is now 25 years old! Mashable talked to some of the developers on the front lines of accessibility, including AssistiveWare's CEO David Niemeijer, about what they've learned while creating these powerful apps.

21 Jul

Today we released an update of Wrise, our word processor for Mac that supports reading and writing. Wrise 1.1 makes reading significantly easier, and now offers a fully localized French user interface.

20 Jul

"I don’t care that my son speaks through an app; I care that after 19 years, he can finally express himself", says Kathy Bell in The Guardian. Read how Proloquo2Go enables 20-year-old Kevin to be independent and speak for himself.