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25 Oct

Bloomberg Tech Minute features Proloquo2Go in today's one-minute top technology news.

25 Oct

Bloomberg TV's innovator series covers the difference AssistiveWare's Proloquo2Go makes on the lives of many people who have difficulty speaking. Vanessa started using the app on her iPod touch. "Her language has developed a lot, and she is able to keep up with school", says her mother.

23 Oct

Imagine not being able to communicate with your own child, never knowing what they're thinking or how they feel. That's what life's like every day for the parents of severely autistic children. Finally, iPad apps are enabling these children to communicate with their parents and peers.

22 Oct

A pioneer program in Maine is helping young children with special needs communicate using an iPad and Proloquo2Go. AssistiveWare's CEO David was recently in Maine for a Proloquo2Go presentation day and was also interviewed by WGME 13 news.

13 Oct

Today we released Pictello 1.5.1, which fixes bugs in Wizard mode (iOS 6) and the Pictello Sharing Server.

28 Sep

Enrique Mendez, 9, a child with Down Syndrome who is unable to speak, was able to use his tablet's synthesized voice to express himself to his mother