New Italian children's voices in Proloquo4Text 3.2 and Infovox iVox

Photo of Alessio and Aurora

Benvenuti Alessio e Aurora!

Good news for our Italian speakers! Today we released the first-ever genuine Italian Text to Speech children’s voices: Alessio and Aurora. These voices are made by and for children. Proloquo4Text now offers 20 natural-sounding children’s voices in total, which are all available as a free download from your Options > Language and Speech.

Version 3.2 also includes Apple Watch bug fixes and several other small enhancements.

Two kids spent days in the studio recording all kinds of sentences, sounds, and expressions that provide the basis for these natural-sounding voices. Interested in learning how children’s voices are created? Read it here.

Genuine children's voices

Text to Speech has been around for years and years. However, for a long time Text to Speech vendors were unable to provide young users with a realistic and natural-sounding voice. No genuine children’s voices were available before the release of our British English children’s voices back in 2012. The only available “children’s” voices were tweaked adult voices that sounded quite robotic.

Since 2012 we continued creating genuine children’s voices and now offer voices for British English, American English, Australian English, Spanish, German, Swedish and Italian. The Spanish voices are bilingual American Spanish and English so you can read aloud or speak using the same voice in both languages.

The Italian voices, as well as all the other children’s voices, are available to read any text on Mac through Infovox iVox. Combined with our word processor Wrise the voices can support Italian children in reading and writing.

Bring your voices to life

Alessio and Aurora can read any Italian text, and also include sounds and expressions that are great for storytelling. Need the sound of an ambulance or want to make comments like “Excellent!” and “I love you!” with more emotion? It’s all there!


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