New Dutch children’s voices available with latest Proloquo2Go update

Welkom Merel en Thijs!

Great news for our young Dutch speakers! Today we released the first-ever genuine Dutch Text to Speech voices for children: Merel and Thijs. These voices are made by and for children. 

Two kids spent days in the studio recording all kinds of sentences, sounds, and expressions that provide the basis for these natural-sounding voices. Interested in finding out exactly how it’s done? This video gives you a peek behind the scenes and also gives you an idea of why genuine children’s voices in AAC are so important. 

These voices are now available in Proloquo2Go, our symbol-based AAC app, Proloquo4Text, our text-based AAC app, and Pictello, our visual storytelling and social story app.

Listen to the voices:

Genuine children's voices


Text to Speech has been around for years, but for a long time, there weren’t any realistic and natural-sounding voices for young users. The only available “children’s” voices were tweaked adult voices that sounded quite robotic. That all changed when we released genuine British English children’s voices back in 2012. Since 2012 we continued creating genuine children’s voices and now offer voices for British English, American English, Australian English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, French, Norwegian and Dutch. The Spanish voices are bilingual American Spanish and English, so you can speak using the same voice in both languages. Curious to hear all of the voices and learn how they came about? Read more about how the children's voices are created.

In partnership with NSGK and Acapela Group


The Dutch children’s voices were developed in collaboration with Acapela Group, our longtime partner for creating genuine children’s voices for Text to Speech, and supported by Nederlandse Stichting voor het Gehandicapte Kind (NSGK).

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