Many enhancements based on user feedback in Proloquo4Text 3.0

Proloquo4Text 3.0 is now available on the App Store. All the new features and enhancements introduced in this major update are based on feedback from our user community.

Support for iPad Pro and Multitasking

Version 3.0 now supports iPad Pro and Apple’s multitasking functionality. Use the split view mode to have Proloquo4Text together with another app side-by-side on the iPad’s screen. 

Easier communication

To help our users communicate more efficiently we introduced some changes to the Text Pad. The Play button is now larger and easier to tap for users with fine-motor challenges. When having a conversation in a noisy environment, users can now show what they typed thanks to the new full screen view and flip text features. And, to have a full and unobstructed view of the Text Pad, the Quick Blocks can be hidden with just one tap.

Improved experience

To simplify and enhance the use of Proloquo4Text, the Edit Mode has been streamlined and the help interface is more intuitive than ever. A wider range of colors is now available when choosing background and highlight colors. iPhone users can enjoy improved navigation that is more consistent with the iPad version, so switching devices is a smooth transition. 
This version also includes ten new voices, all available as free downloads from within the app:
  • Sharon (American English)
  • Claudia (German)
  • Kal and Mia (Swedish)
  • Filip and Freja (Swedish children)
  • Valentin and Elise (French children)
  • Elias and Emilie (Norwegian children)

Listen to the voices.

This update is free for existing users. New users can purchase Proloquo4Text exclusively through the App Store worldwide. The app includes over 100 free Text to Speech voices in 18 languages.
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"Many enhancements based on user feedback in Proloquo4Text 3.0"

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Escuchar a los usuarios, y ofrecerles mejoras continuamente...
¡Buen trabajo, Assistiveware!!

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