Looking back at 2016

AssistiveWare’s vision is to empower people through innovative technology. Today is a good moment to look back at what we achieved towards that vision in 2016. Empowering is about removing boundaries and enabling all people to participate in society and advocate for themselves. What are some of the milestones towards that goal that we achieved in 2016:
  • We collaborated with adult AAC users to create Proloquo4Text 3.0, adding support for multitasking, a full-screen mode and an optimized edit mode user experience.
  • We created French children’s Text to Speech voices with Acapela Group and addded French as a third language to Proloquo2Go providing a robust AAC system to more families and individuals in Canada as well as French speakers in France, Belgium and Switzerland.
  • We introduced the AssistiveWare Core Word Classroom which provides a wealth of AAC implementation resources empowering educators to boost their student’s communication abilities.
  • We released Keeble 4.0 adding support for 7 more languages and thus enabling even more people with vision and/or fine-motor challenges to type with ease on their iPhone or iPad.
This was also the year when we were honored by a visit to our Amsterdam office of Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. A huge token of recognition for our work over the last 16 years and an indicator of how much Apple and Tim Cook care about accessibility and empowering all people to fully partake in society.
We wish you all a wonderful 2017, and look forward to yet another great year!
~ David Niemeijer, Founder and CEO of AssistiveWare
Photo of Tim Cook and the AssistiveWare team (including cats)

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