The future is bright ahead

Like many people with autism, Sophie struggles considerably to get through her day. Aside from her need to stay to a predictable time schedule, she is so affected by noise that she wears ear defenders.
People getting physically close to her cause her stress. Crowds are particularly difficult to navigate. Sophie has trouble understanding and following conversations and after years of struggling with sensory overload, she became very quiet.
Except when she wasn’t. When the overload became too much, when the words she was hearing started to “just buzz around her head”, she would simply meltdown. After years of not being able to communicate why she was upset, she would scream. And scream. Now, with Proloquo2Go, “I have a voice and I'm not so scared to use it...
Sophie uses Proloquo2Go all day, every day and in multiple ways: whether she is ordering in a café or talking with friends – activities not previously possible. Sophie also keeps her daily schedule in Proloquo2Go.
One of the most important benefits of using Proloquo2Go is being able to communicate with medical staff. In the past, Sophie was unable to tell the doctors that it wasn’t her autism causing pain. She was unsuccessful using a whiteboard to write out her medical history and answer questions.
With Proloquo2Go, Sophie prepares for appointments and lists her medications and information. Now they look further to diagnose and provide appropriate treatment. “In hospitals and doctors people actually listen to ME NOW!”, Sophie explains.
It’s clear that Sophie has a mission now. She is active on the Proloquo2Go Facebook group for families with children who use Proloquo2Go, mentoring and sharing her experiences. Generously, Sophie shares screenshots of her customizations and answers parents’ questions with insights only another person with autism could provide.
She tells the group that, “It is important to me to help other people like myself or parents of users, because I never had anything or anyone to help me. I would have liked it had someone showed me the things I know now, my life would have been a lot easier especially at school! So if I can change just one person’s life I will be a happy lady.
With a smile, Sophie says “The future is bright ahead with my device at my side.
Sophie with the wooden animals she loves

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