Can you give me a free license or promo code?

For a popular app, such as Proloquo2Go, we typically have a long waiting list for promo codes. Our waiting list consists of assessment centers, assistive technology loan centers, researchers, and media. By reserving promo codes for these organizations and people, we know that we will serve many people at once. For example, an assistive technology loan center can loan out a device with one of our apps for an AT trial for several weeks at a time and thus serve many people.

If you think you would fit into one of the categories of people on the waiting list, feel free to contact us with some information about your organization, research plan, or any other relevant details.

Note that while we often get requests from individuals for personal donations, our ability to help is extremely limited due to the restricted number of codes available and the fact that there is no way to judge which of the many requests we receive are more deserving than the others. If you do contact us, we ask that you honor the criteria we request for giveaways/ donations.

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