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Backing up with Google Drive

This AssistiveWare video demonstrates how to save, transfer and restore a Proloquo2Go backup file using Google Drive.

  • 00:16 What’s required to use Google Drive?
  • 00:48 Authorize Proloquo2Go to automatically send backups to Google Drive
  • 01:45 Find Proloquo2Go backups in your Google Drive account
  • 01:51 Make a new backup
  • 02:25 Automatically clearing old backups
  • 02:38 Also send backups to Dropbox
  • 03:19 Use Services to choose which backups go to Google Drive
  • 04:25 Manually export a backup to Google Drive
  • 04:55 Restore from a remote backup in Google Drive
  • 06:17 Restore a backup to a new user