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Popups and Snapback

This AssistiveWare video will show you the auto-navigation features of Proloquo2Go 4: Popups and Snapback.

  • 00:12 What are popups?
  • 00:27 Demo: Grammar Support popup
  • 00:55 Demo: Folder in popup
  • 01:33 Buttons with filled-in corners
  • 02:11 Make a new folder button that opens in popup
  • 03:23 Make an existing folder button open in popup
  • 04:50 Create a new, empty folder that opens in popup
  • 09:00 Override Auto-Close setting for a button in a popup folder
  • 11:01 Changing Auto-Close and Auto-Open Popup defaults
  • 13:07 Snapback Options
  • 13:55 Override Snapback defaults for specific buttons
  • 14:44 Why we don’t recommend using Snapback in Crescendo