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Sharing buttons and folders between users

This AssistiveWare video explains how to share buttons and folders between users by using two different methods: copy/paste and export/import.

  • 00:06 When to copy/paste and when to export/import
  • 00:23 Copy and paste between users on the same device
    • 02:14 Fix broken folder buttons
    • 03:51 When a folder two levels deep already exists in the other user
    • 07:30 Copying and pasting a Crescendo folder between users
    • 08:31 Make a Crescendo folder have the same buttons in two users
    • 11:14 Copying and pasting a user-created folder into another user with the same folder
  • 12:43 Export and import between users on different devices
    • 13:26 Select vocabulary to export
    • 14:11 Export to iTunes File Sharing
    • 16:10 Import from iTunes File Sharing