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Communication is Conversation

“Providing an educational environment that entices conversation is imperative for language development for any child, especially those children using AAC solutions as their voice in the classroom,” said Jane Farrall, Consulting Speech Pathologist.

Watch the video for a peek inside the classroom with Tyrone, Alana and Andrew – all Proloquo2Go AAC users – observing the Malkara School students with their teacher as they are learning to advance their communication skills. Listen as Jane discusses the importance of providing a motivating curriculum and use of engaging teaching strategies to give AAC users something to talk about. Enjoy the children as they talk with each other, share experiences, interact with their teacher and learn.
Jane Farrall is an Australian speech pathologist and special educator with extensive practical experience in both AAC and in teaching individuals with disabilities to acquire literacy.

Disclaimer: Note that this video presents an unscripted case study and any statements made in the video pertain to this particular case and are not intended as a comprehensive product evaluation or recommendation. Different people have different needs.

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"Communication is Conversation"

Portrait de Leanne Shane

Fantastic work AssistiveWare, Jane Farrall and Malkara School. Smiling, engaged, enthusiastic students who are communicators for life.

Portrait de Jane Brooks

Wonderful Jane. In our sons school they believe if the special education teacher puts in a science presentation and a history presentation the can document one month after Darell got the proloquo2go he is "adept at using proloquo2go so the goal is no longer needed"

Portrait de Sagreen1

I like proloquo2go it gives me a voice all the time

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