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Access Methods - Using External Switches (Proloquo2Go 3)

This e-Learning video demonstrates how you configure Proloquo2Go 3 for external switch access and scanning using a Bluetooth switch interface for those people who have difficulty using a touch screen.  

Topics include:

  • Using external switches for people with access challenges
  • Introduction to various Bluetooth switch interfaces and modes
  • Pairing a Bluetooth switch interface
  • Access Method - Switch Access options
  • Configuring Proloquo2Go for an external switch(es)
  • Scan modes - Automatic Step Scanning and Inverse Scanning

Note: There is a separate e-Learning video that provides an in-depth view of Proloquo2Go 3 scan modes, scanning patterns and advanced settings called, "Access Methods - Switch Access and Scanning".

Video length: 12 minutes