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From the ground up

Larry lost his speech due to a stroke, a devastating experience for himself and his family. Technology plays an important role in his therapy and Proloquo2Go is used not only to help him express himself but also to help with auditory comprehension. Many people are afraid that technology will replace or slow down speech recovery. However, his therapist Janet Whiteside, Ph.D. Director of the Aphasia House at the University of Central Florida points out that it will actually encourage the AAC user to speak. Larry, who used to be a pilot, is already able to speak some words. He and his family keep working hard on his recovery.

Disclaimer: Note that this video presents an unscripted case study and any statements made in the video pertain to this particular case and are not intended as a comprehensive product evaluation or recommendation. Different people have different needs and it is always recommended to get an AAC evaluation from an expert.

Mentionné dans la vidéo

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