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Introducing the New Website

We thought it would be nice to have our first blog post to be about the website. :-)

Many years ago, in the iron age of the internet, I designed the first dedicated website for AssistiveWare. This is about 10 years ago now. At the time, I hand-coded the entire web site in PHP and HTML and made all the graphics for the menu structure with Photoshop. I wanted a website that would display well on older web browsers that did not support fancy things such as CSS and JavaScript. I never expected that the website I designed back then would still be in use in early 2012 ... it has looked very dated for quite some time. However, we have been involved in more fun and more exciting projects than redoing our own website. So we never really came round to designing and developing a new site, until now!

Anyway, to make a long story short, here it is, our brand new website. It integrates the,, and websites. The new website also incorporates our social media activities and provides a new organization of the content. As usual with projects like this, there are still things we need to fine-tune and enhance, but we do hope you all like the new website, or at the very least consider it an improvement :-)

We plan to use this blog to share topics that we think are of interest to our user community such as upcoming products and other new developments. We will also do a series of posts on the history of AssistiveWare and on each of our team members. People often ask us whether we can share more of what goes on behind the scenes. On this blog we will do that from time to time as well.

David Niemeijer, Founder and CEO

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