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Sticky topic Sticky: Welcome to the AssistiveWare Family Forum!
by Carol Villars 16 Jul
by Carol Villars
Tuesday 16 Jul 2013
Normal topic Using P2G with Amazon Alexa
by Pavlina Stoyanova 06 Jan
1 by Pam - Moderator
Saturday 06 Jan 2018
Normal topic Proloquo2go tickbox suggestion
by Bob Lincoln 29 Nov
1 by Joe - AssistiveWare
Thursday 30 Nov 2017
Normal topic Incompatible Backup with Proloquo2go
by Bob Lincoln 26 Nov
2 by Bob Lincoln
Monday 27 Nov 2017
Normal topic Sharing Stories
by Lisa Montez 14 Aug
1 by Pam - Moderator
Monday 14 Aug 2017
Normal topic Web Based Proloquo2Go??
by Deborah D 03 Apr
2 by Deborah D
Tuesday 04 Apr 2017
Normal topic Adding to Quick Sets
by Bill Colema 26 Mar
1 by Pam - Moderator
Sunday 26 Mar 2017
Normal topic Support for Apple’s proprietary HID Assistive Switch Control protocol
by Rick Cabral 04 Mar
by Rick Cabral
Saturday 04 Mar 2017
Normal topic transfer
by phyllis kizner 25 Feb
1 by Anne Verhulp
Monday 27 Feb 2017
Normal topic iMainGo 2 replacement
by Richard Campbell 19 Dec
3 by Pam - Moderator
Wednesday 21 Dec 2016
Normal topic Keyboard
by Stewart Lind 17 Nov
3 by Anne Verhulp
Friday 18 Nov 2016
Normal topic Meaning and Value of AAC research study
by Denise Abraham 15 Nov
by Denise Abraham
Tuesday 15 Nov 2016
Normal topic Advice on Learning the Device
by Anne Hayes 30 Oct
3 by Pam - Moderator
Monday 31 Oct 2016
Normal topic Body harness
by linda chesters 14 Oct
1 by Pam - Moderator
Sunday 30 Oct 2016
Normal topic Meaning and Value of AAC research study
by Denise Abraham 13 Oct
by Denise Abraham
Thursday 13 Oct 2016
Normal topic Pop Up Feature in P2G
by Emily Campbell 23 Aug
1 by Anne Verhulp
Tuesday 23 Aug 2016
Normal topic Methodology
by Denise Cossey 27 Jun
6 by Denise Cossey
Tuesday 28 Jun 2016
Normal topic Use of Multiple Devices with Proloquo2Go
by Denise Cossey 22 Jun
2 by David Sofi
Thursday 07 Sep 2017
Normal topic Proloquotogo memory usage
by Stephen Field 12 Apr
8 by Pam - Moderator
Thursday 14 Apr 2016
Normal topic Can't get the layout right! This will be long.
by Michael Singleton 01 Dec
6 by Patrick Fothergill
Friday 08 Jan 2016
Normal topic recorded voice and changing inflection
by Jeanne Ply 16 Nov
9 by Pam - Moderator
Wednesday 11 May 2016
Normal topic scanning options
by Jeanne Ply 15 Nov
2 by Jeanne Ply
Monday 16 Nov 2015
Normal topic Deleting backups.
by Gerry Lieberwirth 27 Jul
5 by Anne Verhulp
Tuesday 22 Sep 2015
Normal topic P2G-4.0 and square buttons
by David Sofi 30 Apr
3 by Anne Verhulp
Monday 11 May 2015
Normal topic New Parkinson's Pt ability to adapt to software
by JD Duval 05 Mar
1 by Carol Villars
Friday 06 Mar 2015
Normal topic How did you all acquire Proloquo2go?
by Kristen Hampton 22 Jan
7 by Zaen Ahmad
Tuesday 27 Oct 2015
Normal topic Please help us complete our research!!! We are in need of participants who are caregivers for children who use assistive technology
by Heather Koch 03 Dec
1 by David Sofi
Sunday 31 May 2015
Normal topic Bluetooth Speaker
by Kenneth Clark 28 Aug
1 by Carol Villars
Thursday 28 Aug 2014
Normal topic Saving Pictello backup through iTunes
by Julie Jones 30 Jul
1 by Carol Villars
Wednesday 30 Jul 2014
Normal topic Proloquo4Text Special ISAAC conference Discount
by Carol Villars 24 Jul
by Carol Villars
Thursday 24 Jul 2014
Normal topic Difference between Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4Text
by Carol Villars 01 Jul
by Carol Villars
Tuesday 01 Jul 2014
Normal topic Visual Social Stories using Pictello
by Carol Villars 14 Mar
by Carol Villars
Friday 14 Mar 2014
Normal topic Proloquo2Go Project: Callee's Cards
by Carol Villars 18 Dec
by Carol Villars
Wednesday 18 Dec 2013
Normal topic Winners of a free Proloquo4Text app
by David - AssistiveWare 26 Nov
by David - AssistiveWare
Tuesday 26 Nov 2013
Normal topic PrAACtical Thoughts on Supporting Reluctant Communicators
by Carol Villars 25 Nov
by Carol Villars
Monday 25 Nov 2013
Normal topic PrAACticial AAC - Hockey Lesson
by Carol Villars 12 Nov
by Carol Villars
Tuesday 12 Nov 2013
Normal topic Tom Piper wrote " I find it's pretty easy to"
by Carol Villars 21 Oct
by Carol Villars
Monday 21 Oct 2013
Normal topic Addressing the needs of AAC learners as they grow and change.
by Carol Villars 20 Oct
by Carol Villars
Sunday 20 Oct 2013
Normal topic Possible record update for ProLoQuo2Go
by Mary Kibbe 16 Oct
3 by Pam - Moderator
Monday 07 Aug 2017
Normal topic User vocabularies
by David Sofi 22 Sep
1 by Carol Villars
Monday 23 Sep 2013
Normal topic Have you backed up your Proloquo2go vocabulary or your Pictello Stories?
by Carol Villars 28 Aug
by Carol Villars
Wednesday 28 Aug 2013
Normal topic Video on Aided Language
by Carol Villars 23 Jul
2 by Carol Villars
Wednesday 31 Jul 2013
Normal topic How is everyone using Proloquo2Go during the summer break?
by Carol Villars 27 Jun
2 by Pam - Moderator
Saturday 06 Jun 2015
Normal topic Taking ownership of their words
by Carol Villars 12 Jun
3 by Carol Villars
Saturday 22 Jun 2013
Normal topic Can you see me, can you speak to me now?
by Carol Villars 12 Jun
5 by Pam - Moderator
Saturday 09 Jul 2016
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