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Kati Lea
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Hi I'm Kati


I'm Kati. I am deaf since age 16...very long time ago as now 44!!! I used to have good speech as born hearing until I developed a neurological condition in my early 30's. I have an extremely rare form of Ataxia that comes with Dystonia symptoms too. This means the Ataxia bit affects my trunk balance and legs, co-ordination of feet and hands and the Dystonia part affects my speech muscles and makes them go into spasm when I try to speak lots. It also gives me Dyskinesia (involuntary movement in arms - similar to a mild athetoid CP)

As you can imagine life can be a bit of a challenge most days!!

I have been using Proloquo2go since 2010 when the original iPad came out before this I had Lightwriters SL35 (bought second hand in 2003) and SL40 (got funding for from NHS in 2008). I also have been able to sign since age 16 but with the progression of the dystonia element in my arms my movements are very jerky, fingerspelling is difficult and now in more isolated village where no-one else signs anyway! But it was useful to learn BSL to access university years ago so I could use an interpreter in lectures and graduated with BA (Hons) Deaf Studies and Special Education. I worked in deaf school in Lancashire which sadly closed then came back to Yorkshire as my dad got cancer. I worked at unit for adults with autism helping them communicate via sign as AAC devices were not common and extremely rare many years ago. (before I developed Ataxia).

I'm now wheelchair user for the last 8 years full-time. I have 2 dogs that I trained myself. Inca is now 12yrs old and 'retired', she is Black lab X and JJ (male) is Border Collie 8 months old in training to take over as my next assistance dog. They are also both bi-lingual! ..knowing their commands in both sign and speech (for when others need to look after them for me).


Laura Sussely-Pope
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Hi Kati! Welcome, so glad you

Hi Kati! Welcome, so glad you're here!

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