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Vicky Healy
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Moving licences

Hi there,
I support a young man using Proloquo on an old iPod - his mum has just bought him a new IPhone and wants to use it on this. What's the best way to move it across? The old ipod won't be used anymore so it doesn't need to stay on there....

Pam - Moderator
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Hello Vicky -

Hello Vicky -

The first step is to redownload Proloquo2Go for free onto the new iPhone by using the same account that was used to originally purchase the app.

Then save a backup file from the old iPod to transfer to the new iPhone.

To make sure you do not lose any of your customizations, it is of utmost importance to make backups regularly.

Proloquo2Go makes internal backups automatically. However, these are stored within the app. When accidentally removing the app from your device*, or if something happens to the device, these backups are also lost.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you make backups regularly and store them somewhere safe on your computer or in Dropbox.

I am unsure if the young man is using an older version of Proloquo2Go or not. If he is, the newly redownloaded app will look a bit different. You will still be able to transfer and restore his old iPod backup file - that won't change.

However, we do recommend you transition to a new user. Proloquo2Go 4 includes the Crescendo vocabulary and the ability to seamlessly move between levels and change grid sizes without losing customizations.

These videos: Transitioning from Proloquo2Go 3 to Proloquo2Go 4
Introduction to the Crescendo Vocabulary Part 1
Introduction to the Crescendo Vocabulary Part 2

will help guide you. You can find these and other helpful resources here:

If you need assistance or have questions, please email our Support team at



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