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Kerri Grundl
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Questions for Families

My name is Kerri Grundl and I am a student at UW-Whitewater pursuing a degree in Early Childhood Education, which will license me to work with children from birth to third grade and in Special Education. Currently I am enrolled in a “Medical Aspects of Disability” class where I have chosen to complete a semester long project on Angelman Syndrome, so that my classmates and I can be more informed on this topic. As part of this project I am conducting an interview with someone affected by this syndrome to gain insight into how it personally affects people’s lives. I came across this community during my research, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to answer a few questions for me? I would very much appreciate it if you took the time to share a little bit of your story with me by answering some or all of these questions.

1. Please tell me a little bit about the individual that you know with Angelman Syndrome. (Age, symptoms, interests, etc.)
2. At what age where they diagnosed?
3. What was the diagnosis process like?
4. What was/is school like for them? (Do they receive any special services? Are they in an inclusive classroom?)
5. What interventions or services does the individual/family utilize? (Present or past)
6. What is something that you wish educators knew about working with individuals with this syndrome?
7. What resources would you recommend to other families and educators?
8. What is your relation to this individual?
9. How has being related to or knowing someone with Angelman Syndrome impacted your life?
10. Your contact information. (This can be a phone number or email address, and will only be shared with my professor, who may reach out to confirm the validity of this interview!)

Your answers can be sent to me by email at or posted here on this page.
Thanks so much for your time and for sharing your story! I truly appreciate it and know that it will aid in better preparing future teachers and educational professionals!

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