Progressive Language

In this AssistiveWare video you will learn about Progressive Language. This new feature helps you to gradually introduce more vocabulary to the user, as user skills grow. Select a large grid size, and use Progressive Language to hide and reveal buttons in a developmental order.

  • 00:31 Grid sizes in Crescendo Intermediate and Advanced Core
  • 01:59 Disadvantages of changing grid sizes
  • 03:15 Gradually introducing vocabulary in a single grid size
  • 03:42 Choose your starting grid size
  • 04:35 Demo: Moving through Progressive Language steps
  • 06:37 Demo: Home folder and templates at Progressive Language Step 1
  • 07:26 Which vocabularies can use Progressive Language?
  • 07:43 Use Explore to briefly show all vocabulary
  • 08:30 Overriding Progressive Language defaults: Home folder
  • 10:07 Overriding Progressive Language defaults: Templates