Getting Started with Bilingual English-Spanish in Proloquo2Go 4

This AssistiveWare video shows how to create and customize a vocabulary for bilingual use. Only the Crescendo vocabulary can be used with more than one language.

  • 00:24 Only Crescendo users can be bilingual
  • 00:37 Check if your existing user is a Crescendo user
  • 01:08 Make a new user with a Crescendo vocabulary
  • 03:12 Voices with both English and Spanish versions
  • 05:05 About the Crescendo Spanish vocabulary
    • 05:14 “estar” and “ser”
    • 05:40 Reflexive pronouns
  • 06:21 Add a second language in your Crescendo vocabulary
  • 07:19 Switch between a user’s languages
  • 07:49 Customize a bilingual vocabulary
    • 08:20 Editing is language-specific
    • 08:40 Process for changing a button in both languages
    • 09:49 Switch between a folder’s languages in Edit Mode
    • 10:41 Add all buttons from the other language’s version of a folder
    • 13:06 Move just a few buttons from the other language’s version of a folder
    • 14:13 Use copy/paste to move buttons between languages
  • 15:12 Make Options and in-app manual appear in Spanish