On cloud nine with Proloquo2Go 5: Automatic backups to Dropbox, Google Drive & iCloud

Backups in Proloquo2Go
“Don't lose your Proloquo2Go vocabulary - make backups!”
 “Save your Proloquo2Go customizations!” 
“It may take you five minutes to save a backup, but it is a lot easier than starting from scratch!”
Sure, you know it is easy to save a backup of your Proloquo2Go vocabulary and you know you should be doing it. However, between getting the kids ready for school, putting in a hard day at work, swim lessons, trying to figure out what’s for dinner, homework, and trying to implement AAC best practices in your family life, backing up can easily get lost in the flurry of day-to-day activities. If only life was a little easier.
Fortunately, with Proloquo2Go 5’s automatic backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud, saving a backup is one less thing you have to worry about! When any of these features are enabled, Proloquo2Go will automatically upload a backup whenever an internal backup is made. Note that you do need an internet connection. You can also have all three options selected in Proloquo2Go for triple security. 

Backups with Dropbox

Proloquo2Go has offered support for Dropbox for a long time. With Proloquo2Go 5, Dropbox support has gotten even easier as now backups automatically upload to it once the feature is turned on. If you are already using Dropbox in Proloquo2Go and update to version 5, there is nothing to do except take part in the sublime joy of knowing that Proloquo2Go is automatically backing up to Dropbox in the cloud. If you are not using Dropbox in Proloquo2Go, simply go to Options (the gear) > Backup and toggle the Dropbox switch to ON/ green. Follow the onscreen prompts to log into your Dropbox account or to create a new Dropbox account and you are good to go! Note that the interface for logging into your Dropbox account may be a little different if you are using the Dropbox app or the Dropbox website. However, the process is basically the same. 

Backups with Google Drive

Next up is Google Drive: the darling of schools around the world. While Dropbox is often blocked by schools, often educational institutions allow access to Google Drive. To use Google Drive in Proloquo2Go, simply go to Options (the gear) > Backup and toggle the Google Drive switch to ON/ green. Follow the onscreen prompts to log into your Google Drive or to create a new Google account and access Google Drive. Have a look at our e-learning video or tutorial for instructions.

Backups with iCloud

Last but not least is iCloud. iCloud is probably the easiest option for users as for many people this feature will be on by default when they update to Proloquo2Go 5. If you open the Settings app and see an email address under iCloud, the option for Automatic iCloud Backup will be on in Proloquo2Go under Options (the gear) > Backup. If you do not see an email address under iCloud, log in with your Apple ID and password, and then open Proloquo2Go and go to Options (the gear) > Backup and toggle the Automatic iCloud Backup switch to ON/ green. Currently iCloud only saves one backup per user. Despite this, iCloud is easy peasy and basically works right out of the box behind the scenes. 

Share backups with Dropbox and Google Drive

Besides providing a behind the scenes safety net for all of your customizations, cloud-based services offer other benefits. Dropbox and Google Drive makes it easy to share files with anyone with an email address, making sharing Proloquo2Go files a breeze. So you can toss a family vacation folder to your child’s school using Dropbox or dropkick an entire Proloquo2Go vocabulary to your best friend in Illinois using Google Drive
Sometimes technology can make your life more complicated, but in this case Proloquo2Go 5 makes your life easier. Saving regular backups is critical for any AAC user, but now that stress is reduced. With the addition of automatic backups to Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud, Proloquo2Go 5 gives you one less thing to worry about!
~ Joe Barnick
Joe Barnick is a member of AssistiveWare’s Support Team and has been involved with AssistiveWare for many years.

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