Child with rare genetic condition finds his voice for first time

STV News reports on the young Calum, who has one of the most infectious laughs in the world and can hear absolutely everything you say. Just because he hasn't been able to speak for the first ten years of his life, says his mother Stacey, doesn't mean he should ever be underestimated.

For most of his life he struggled with communication. One day a partent told Calum's mother about Proloquo2Go. Even though Calum's speech therapist said he wouldn't be capable of using it, Stacey downloaded the app herself and handed it to him.

Since then, Calum has been using Proloquo2Go to say what he wants. "He just had so much to say and had never been able to say it," says his mother. "He went from a non-verbal frustrated child to a little boy who had the whole world opened to him."

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